Velou’s New Salesforce Commerce Cloud App Enables Brands with AI

Jul 31, 2023

Velou’s New Salesforce Commerce Cloud App Enables Brands to Deliver a Specialized Luxury Ecommerce Experience

Luxury retailers and brands create extraordinary in-person experiences for their customers but have faced a challenge to extend that specialized luxury experience to their eCommerce channels. And while eCommerce tools have made great functional strides, luxury retailers realize creating bespoke online experiences means product and styling knowledge must be an integral part of the eCommerce tools they deploy.

The delivery of a true luxury online experience inspired the Velou team to bring their luxury-first solution to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecosystem. Designed for luxury retailers and brands in fashion, fine jewelry, leather goods, watches, beauty, and home goods, Velou’s data enrichment and search solution combines luxury expertise with the bespoke feeling of in-person shopping for online stores. 

“We quickly realized luxury domain knowledge was the essential element missing from discovery tools available to luxury brands and retailers. We are excited our new integration enables our customers to bring the specialized, in-store luxury experience to their online platforms built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.” - Sadee Gamhewa, CEO & Founder, Velou

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The Velou Salesforce B2C cartridge is a pre-built integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Velou. This out-of-the-box connector simplifies implementation, operations, and support so retailers and brands can deliver the high quality discovery experience customers expect. Velou enriches existing Salesforce product data using a precise, automated method tailored to luxury that tags virtually every product attribute. 

With data enrichment complete, new luxury product attributes enhance discovery, such as predicting the best items to show shoppers in real-time search, and curating recommendations for each unique customer. 

Velou’s cutting edge AI elevates ecommerce stores with the ability to combine product intelligence with proprietary customer data, such as location, shopping habits or style preferences, driving better data analytics and decision-making while eliminating manual processes. The smart Velou algorithm continually learns customers’ unique preferences to delight them with the perfect luxury discoveries for that ultimate crafted experience.


“We are delighted to welcome Velou to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner ecosystem. Velou provides an AI-powered automation solution for luxury fashion, beauty, and homegoods retailers and brands. Improving the shopper experience by enriching product catalogs and introducing advanced search are essential to enhance the luxury ecommerce storefront.” - Santhana Krishnasamy, Salesforce Sr. Director, Product Management, Commerce Cloud ISV Ecosystem

Velou’s mission is to enable luxury retailers and brands to bring the in-store luxury experience to eCommerce. By blending advanced technologies with luxury domain expertise, Velou believes in a seamless experience for customers between online and in-person that is reflective of each brand’s unique design and style.

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