Luxury First

Perfecting the online experience

Our Mission

We create product discovery curated for the luxury customer. To achieve this, we use artificial intelligence to craft an online experience that replicates and improves upon the intuitive exploration and delightful discovery of in-person shopping.

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Our Vision

Elevating customer experience to a level where every customer receives a luxury discovery experience.

Your customer’s journey today, whether starting in-store or online, includes multiple digital touchpoints. Our technology will always represent your brand with the highest quality solutions and data that is linked together. The way we do this is to weave your product details throughout your ecommerce functions from on-site to marketing and merchandising, and match them with your customers’ profiles. We help you craft that vision of each customer to curate a discovery experience personalized to them.

Our Story

We started with striving for perfection and a precision that we weren’t finding in ecommerce experiences. When we asked “why?” we realized that websites didn’t really know what they were selling like a knowledgeable in-store representative does. With luxury, in-store associates connect the details of brand, products and styling knowledge to the desires and needs of their customers. Velou was created to give customers a luxury discovery experience.

Our values are quality, customer centricity, innovation, and connection.

Our team is made up of experts in beauty, fashion, fine jewelry, home goods, leather goods, luxury and watches.

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Leadership Team

Sadee Gamhewa
Founder & CEO
San Francisco, CA

Sadee leads Velou’s overall product strategy and vision on creating additional value for customers. He previously led product, innovation, Machine Learning & AI strategy, and engineering at multiple startups and large corporations, including Fortune 100. He holds patents in ecommerce and has published research papers on Machine Learning and AI.

Sumith Gunasekara
Colombo, Sri Lanka

An expert in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision, Sumith future proofs technology to build cutting edge e-commerce search and discovery solutions with Velou’s product engineering teams. Previously, he was the technical architect and engineering lead for many complex B2B and B2C products including state-of-the-art information extraction systems and high performance e-commerce applications.

Tricia Lahren
Director, Product Intelligence
San Francisco, CA

Tricia leads a team of product and fashion stylists at Velou to create the intelligence used by our Machine Learning and AI models. She has a long history as a fashion and wardrobe stylist in San Francisco for clients such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, and Pottery Barn.

Adrien Vives
Head of Sales, EMEA
Paris, France

Adrien leads customer acquisition and success in the EMEA market. He is responsible for sales strategy and the development of Velou’s sales partner relationships. He previously held a similar position in Europe, leading a sales team to grow his previous organization. Before that, Adrien followed a career in sales after successfully graduating with an MSc in International Business. He approaches his work as a tech enthusiast that never forgets to put people at the core of his every thought and action. When he is not traveling for work, he travels for studies, personal growth, and to learn about different cultures.

Gayan Keppetipola
Director, Engineering
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Gayan leads the software engineering teams at Velou, who are building next generation technology to perfect e-commerce experience. He creates, aligns and drives the tech strategy in line with business goals and objectives in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage for Velou. He has over 15 years of experience engineering highly scalable software systems implementations across banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, transportation & hospitality industries.

Lucy Seena Lin
Partnerships and Growth
Los Angeles, CA

Lucy develops new partnerships and areas of growth for Velou. She has occupied leadership positions in programs and events spanning industries of arts, fashion, design, and urban culture, working with stakeholders and organizations across government agencies, academia, foundations and social enterprise. She received her B.A. from UC Berkeley and her M.A. from UCLA. She enjoys discovering the latest trends in fashion, cosmetics and skincare and considers herself an early adopter of emerging online shopping technologies.

Our Offices

Velou HQ
575 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Sales & Customer Success
Station F, 5 Parvis Alan Turing
75013 Paris
Sales & Customer Success
Herzogspitalstrasse 24
Munich 80331
Engineering Center
3A, Cambridge Terrace
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka

Join us to innovate, iterate, and solve.

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