The Rise of AI Copilots and Velou’s Pioneering Role in Ecommerce

Anna Vlchek
Jan 6, 2024

Learn about what the copilots are and how you can make your life easier by implementing them.

As ChatGPT has truly changed the digital world, businesses are quickly jumping on board with AI solutions and experience positive changes. In March 2023, Microsoft introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot to make managing digital tasks easier and boost productivity. The latest data shows that this has genuinely led to noticeable improvements in the quality of work.

"We are the Copilot company," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. "We believe in a future where there will be a Copilot for everyone and everything you do.”

AI copilots, a relatively new concept in digital tech, are great at things like detecting anomalies or engaging with customers as chatbots. Despite their almost magical abilities, it's important to remember that they're simply powerful tools designed to support the human expertise and to enhance our digital experience.

Among these, one standout pioneer is Velou, the first ecommerce copilot, revolutionizing how retailers navigate the digital landscape.

Understanding the AI Copilot Phenomenon

An AI copilot is an advanced artificial intelligence system designed to assist and augment human decision-making processes. Unlike traditional automation tools, an AI copilot goes beyond executing pre-programmed tasks; it actively analyzes data, learns from user interactions, and adapts to dynamic situations. This adaptability makes it a valuable partner in different professional fields.

The roots of AI copilots can be traced back to the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As algorithms became more sophisticated and computing power increased, the idea of creating intelligent systems that could collaborate with humans gained traction. Early applications focused on simple tasks, but over time, the technology evolved to handle complex decision-making processes.

Applications Across Industries


AI copilots have become essential assets in finance, analyzing market trends, spotting frauds, evaluating risks, and offering investment strategy recommendations. Financial institutions use these copilots to improve decision accuracy, leading to more informed and profitable choices.


In the healthcare industry these copilots analyze extensive medical datasets to aid in quicker and more accurate diagnoses, supporting healthcare professionals. Corti, a healthcare copilot headquartered in Denmark, has secured $60 million in funding to broaden its impact in the healthcare sector. The company specializes in an AI assistant designed to assist healthcare clinicians in real-time patient assessments.

Supply Chain Management

AI is also revolutionizing supply chain management. Supply chains generate vast amounts of data, making manual review and categorization challenging. This includes identifying trends that could indicate potential issues for organizations. Supply chain AI continuously learns from the data, discovering more effective ways to optimize various processes.


AI copilots are increasingly being integrated into educational platforms to personalize learning experiences. They analyze student performance data, identify individual learning styles, and recommend customized study plans. This not only enhances academic outcomes but also assists educators in tailoring their teaching methods to better suit the needs of each student.

Customer Service

AI copilots are transforming customer service by providing instant and personalized support. They analyze customer inquiries, learn from previous interactions, and offer solutions or escalate issues to human agents only when necessary. This improves response times, enhances customer satisfaction, and allows human agents to focus on more complex tasks.

AI Copilots in Ecommerce

Integrating AI copilots into ecommerce operations is like having powerful virtual assistants on board. They address various ecommerce challenges and make life easier by deploying chatbots for customer support, utilizing AI for personalized recommendations and optimizing inventory with accurate forecasting. The result is an improved operational process and a better customer experience, illustrating the diverse role that AI copilots play in transforming different aspects of ecommerce.

Meet Velou: the First AI Copilot for Ecommerce

One standout player in this transformative landscape is Velou, founded in 2018 by Sadee Gamhewa in Silicon Valley. Sadee's extensive background in product leadership, innovation, and AI strategy at renowned companies like Sysco, Accenture, and Fujitsu underscores Velou's commitment to cutting-edge solutions. Velou distinguishes itself as the first copilot for ecommerce, that helps to connect customers to products at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Velou's AI copilot brings significant efficiencies to brands, retailers and marketplaces reducing manual effort and speeding up the process of getting products online. The impact of Velou's solutions grows exponentially with the scale of a retailer's product inventory. By processing millions of data points in real-time, Velou transforms the online shopping experience, increasing conversions and revenue through AI-powered automation. Velou's deep product intelligence also helps to improve digital marketing performance, making the product descriptions more SEO-friendly.

“We've built proprietary AI and machine learning technology with computer vision and natural language understanding to make products more discoverable by uncovering the deep semantic understanding of products and matching that to customer intent” — explains Sadee.

The idea was to completely reinvent internal processes for ecommerce teams and to improve the customer experience. Retailers using Velou see a 30%+ increase in conversions and revenue with the new approach.

Velou enriches millions products per year, receiving careful refinement guided by industry experts in beauty, fashion, furniture, and other sectors. This domain-specific training is crucial, allowing Velou to generate models customized for each industry's unique requirements. The significance of this lies in Velou's ability to improve essential ecommerce functions, streamlining operations ranging from optimizing onsite search to enhancing the impact of digital marketing strategies.


In conclusion, the integration of AI copilots into ecommerce operations marks a paradigm shift, where innovation meets efficiency to redefine the customer experience. As we look to the future, Velou has the ambition to use the potential of AI to develop an effective copilot and reshape the ecommerce landscape.

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