Challenges to Kashew's success


Marketplace sellers deterred by a manual and slow product upload process


Poor customer discovery features due to missing or scarce number of product attributes


Lack of original product information  requires furniture-specific product expertise

Why Kashew chose Velou

Data Collection
Enhance listings by automatically adding furniture-specific attributes
Expertise in AI Image Recognition to enrich product catalog details
Data Integration
Reduce time-to-market by integrating AI-enhanced product data from the start
Innovative and highly technical solution provider creates a competitive advantage

The Results

Revenue Growth*
+30 sec
Average Session Duration
Furniture Attributes Added

*Overall revenue tripled in 2023 since deploying with Velou.
optimized product information

AI-enrichment of furniture-specific product attributes resulted in increased revenue

Search usage

Transformed product discovery led to higher session duration and customer satisfaction

Country sites

AI-generated attributes allow sellers to offer a better filtering experience


Quick 2-week integration period

“Integrating product data enhancement from the beginning reduces the time to upload a product considerably...

The integration took us two weeks, which is really impressive. The Velou team is super responsive and the features and  functionality keep improving over time. Our clients are happy, our sellers are happy, we are happy. We achieved a fast pace of growth last year and tripled our revenue with Velou. I'm super excited for the possibilities with Velou because I think we have only explored 5% of what the opportunity really is.”

Francesco De Conto, Co-founder & CEO

About Get The Label

About Kashew

Kashew started in 2022 in San Francisco, California and is dedicated to reducing the 10.8 million tons of furniture waste that end up in landfills every year in the U.S. They quickly grew into an online marketplace for quality second-hand furniture. Kashew provides a marketplace platform for consignment stores that connects the seller to the customer. In addition, with features like inventory management and shipping, they offer essential tools for sellers to digitize their entire business.

Kashew’s business faced a critical challenge due to the time consuming nature of product uploads, which deterred sellers and more stores from selling online. Recognizing the critical need to streamline their operations and enhance the quality of their product listings to better serve their sellers and customers, Kashew sought a robust solution that could automate manual inputs and tailor product listings to meet the unique demands of a furniture-specific marketplace.

The Challenge

“Once you find yourself with an inventory that's over hundreds or thousands of items, it becomes so cumbersome that the sellers would rather keep their stores and their sales fully in-person rather than trying to digitize their business.”



Increase in Conversions


Resolving Marketplace Sellers’ Pain Points


Faster Product Upload Speed

What Velou brought to Kashew

AI Image Recognition

Without Velou: Manually entering product data is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Sellers often struggle to accurately describe their products, leading to inconsistent and incomplete listings. This manual approach not only consumes valuable time and resources but also hinders the growth of resale marketplaces like Kashew by deterring potential sellers.

With Velou: Velou's AI Image Recognition revolutionizes the product data enrichment process by automating the extraction of valuable information from uploaded product images. With Velou's AI Image Recognition, Kashew's sellers can simply upload images of their products. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Velou intelligently analyzes product images with remarkable accuracy, extracting key attributes such as product type, dimensions, materials, colors, and more.

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Furniture-specific Product Data Enrichment

Without Velou: Managing product data for a furniture-specific marketplace presents unique challenges. Without specialized tools or expertise, it's difficult for sellers to provide comprehensive and accurate product information. This results in suboptimal listings that fail to capture the attention of potential buyers.

With Velou: Velou's AI is specifically tailored to understand and categorize furniture products, ensuring that the enriched data is highly relevant and optimized for a furniture-specific marketplace like Kashew's. This level of precision and customization not only accelerates the listing process but also enhances the quality and consistency of product information across Kashew's platform.

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AI-powered Discovery Features

Without Velou: Customers often struggle to find products that meet their specific needs and preferences. Traditional search and filtering mechanisms may not always deliver accurate results, leading to frustration and a poor user experience. This can result in shorter session durations and missed conversion opportunities for online marketplaces.

With Velou: Velou's AI-powered discovery features revolutionize the customer shopping experience by providing more options and better-matched products. Enriched data was seamlessly integrated into Kashew's browse and filter functionalities, empowering customers to find products that aligned with their preferences more efficiently. As a result, customers spent more time exploring Kashew's offerings, leading to increased customer engagement.

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