Challenges to Get the Label’s success


Data integrity to surface the right results, causing customer frustration


Built-in search functionality failing to adapt to customers


Under capacity to handle influx of new products

Why Get the Label chose Velou

Data Collection
Ability to ingest data and learn how the customer describes products
Rich search built on product data foundation
Data Integration
Technically strong and open for product development
Technically compatible and pre-integrated with existing commerce platform

The Results

Increase in Search Conversion
Revenue from Search
Product Attributes added
over 6 months
Rapid scaling of optimized product information

Rapid scaling of optimized product information

Search usage

Resolved customer frustration in discovery + boosted mobile search usage

Country sites

Deployments to 3 country sites in 2 languages

Fast and seamless onboarding

Fast and seamless onboarding

“The capability and the scale that Velou delivered at, and the effort Velou put in our business was really exceptional...

They elevated us to the level of quality required from data to make search as good as it can be. We're reaping the rewards of improved conversion, increased search revenue of up to 60%, decreased bounce rate of over 1000%, and making products more visible and selling better each week! We have a real partnership and it's rare to get a team that understands our business.”

Liz McNamara, Marketing Director

About Get The Label

About Get the Label

Get the Label is an online sports fashion retailer that started in 2008. Get the Label migrated to a new ecommerce platform with its built-in discovery functions. They realized the built-in search did not have the data integrity to surface the right results during the customer discovery process.

This significantly impacted Get the Label’s business model due to the fact that to find products, their customers primarily use the search function. Poor discovery results caused frustration amongst their customers as well as internally. They knew they needed a better solution that understood their customers and their products.

The Challenge

“We knew there was customer frustration with trying to find products and our built-in search wasn't adapting or intelligent enough to learn. We needed a solution that could learn from how the customer searches and the idiosyncrasies of how people describe products.”



Improving Customer Experience. With a search solution that understands the customer and what they want to see.


Better Conversion Rate. Using search results to give customers exactly what they want and the maximum number of choices.


Increasing Average Order Values. Displaying more choices to customers that shows the breadth of product offerings.

What Velou brought to Get the Label

Semantic search helps the customers find exactly what they are looking for

C P Company is one of the top 3 queries on the Get the Label store. Customers are searching for the brand in many different ways. Without Velou’s semantic search where the customer intent is understood, the correct products are not always shown, resulting in lost conversions

Next feature: Long Tail Queries->
When long tail queries are supported, high intent customers that are looking for a very specific item can be converted

The more words a customer uses, the higher the intent – keyword based solutions fail for long tail queries, resulting in lost conversions. Velou solves this problem by understanding the products at the deepest level to match with customer intent of long tail queries

Next feature: Search for Brands->
Understanding brand names and not treating them as any other word is important, especially for Get the Label

As Get the Label customers are very focused on brands, it’s important to understand the brand names and not just treat them as individual words and match with keywords

Next feature: Search by Size->
Search by size helps customers easily find products that fit them, that are also in stock

Currently the size based search issues on the Get the Label store are two-fold: 1. A search cannot be performed by using the size in the query, and 2. When the search results are displayed, the facets that are displayed don’t actually filter products based on in-stock sizes

Next feature: Filters and Dynamic Facets->
Facets that adjust dynamically based on the query helps the customer narrow down to items they want faster

Currently the there are very limited filters/facets for search results on the Get the Label store. With Velou’s detailed product attributes per each item, comprehensive filters/facets can be displayed to improve the customer experience and increase conversions

Next feature: Search Suggestions->
Suggestions help the customer navigate and discover a set of related products faster

Currently suggestions are not available on the Get the Label store. Velou’s suggestions are generated based on product information, number of matching products, and overall customer behavior to optimize discovery and conversions

Next feature: URL Redirect->
Redirect the customer to the right information they are seeking, not just to products

Sometimes, the customer is trying to find answers relating to their orders, refunds, etc. Not understanding common questions and showing products is not the best customer experience. With Velou, you can configure which information should be presented for non-product related customer queries

Next feature: Sort options for Search Results->
Sort options help the customer navigate to the right results faster

Some customers prefer to see the ‘Newest Arrivals’, while others prefer to see the cheapest or the most expensive items. Providing sort functionality in search results helps to increase conversions with those customers

More Powerful Results


Faster to launch than other providers


Increase in Search Usage


Decrease in Search Bounce Rate

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