One platform, many solutions.

The Velou platform can be deployed to resolve many business challenges and our flexible approach allows you to benefit from our platform regardless of your current technology environment. Either use our native solutions or accelerate your existing solutions with our Product Data Enrichment as a Service solution.

Whatever solutions you use, you’ll get the same amazing results, happy customers and increased revenue.

Onsite Search

Velou Onsite Search provides a full feature search solution including autocomplete, spell check, suggestions, synonyms, hypernyms, boost and bury, ranking, and an analytics and reporting dashboard. All of this powered by our data enrichment engine to ensure laser sharp search accuracy.

Visual Search

Velou Visual Search allows shoppers to discover products using an existing image. Just upload the image to Velou Visual Search and we’ll use our unique image analysis tools to find the best match possible. We provide Shop For Similar and Shop The Look capabilities to ensure shoppers find the perfect Match.

Micro Personalization

Shoppers are all different. Why are they seeing items in the same order? Velou’s revolutionary algorithm understands how an individual shopper prefers certain types of products. We combine product data, shopper’s behavioral data and some of our own secret sauce to deliver a truly personalized shopping experience.


The Velou platform can identify site-wide shopping trends and individual behavior in real time. This data can then be used to pin-point specific product recommendations for each shopper or groups of shoppers.

Improve SEO

Improve SEO ranking with search providers such as Google using Velou’s Product Data Enrichment as a Service. Improve SEO on product pages and also create more accurate custom landing pages. Improved SEO means increase in new customers to your site, and more revenue.

Product Data Enrichment as a Service

Want to automate your merchandizing workflow so that you don’t have to identify every single attribute of each product manually?

If you already have existing partners for search, personalization and recommendations, why not improve their accuracy by using our Product Data Enrichment as a Service offering.

Just send us your products, and we’ll analyze them, add tags using our Hyper Tagging Engine and send them back in realtime.

Business Intelligence

With fine-grained attributes Velou’s Product Data Enrichment as a Service can provide, you’ll be able to use that additional intelligence to make better decisions in marketing, ad spend, inventory, merchandizing, and supply chain optimization.

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