Solutions you can stack to move the needle a little or a lot.

Flexible solutions for any challenge. All built to layer on our Hyper-Tagging Engine technology, all designed to boost sales and enhance the shopper experience.


Can a search query work more like a conversation?

Make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. You’ll get dynamic faceting, autocomplete, spellcheck, suggestions, synonyms, hypernyms, ranking, 
as well as an analytics and reporting dashboard—all powered by our proven Hyper-Tagging Engine technology.

Warm winter jackets

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The attributes we’ve collected for your products can be used to show more items with similar features so shoppers can choose from a variety of options that speak to them.


How’s your metadata looking?

Velou's AI automatically deep tags each of your products with an extensive and exhaustive list of attributes, setting you up for improved customer experiences, recommendations, personalization, and targeted marketing.

Without Velou
With Velou

“I wasn’t even looking for this, but I love and need it.”

We combine the product data we’ve mined with shoppers’ behaviors to provide recommendations with an uncanny understanding of their preferences.


Shoppers are all different, so why are they seeing items in the same order?

Velou’s revolutionary algorithm uses what you already know about a shopper—items viewed, anything added to cart, previous purchases—to predict what will resonate most with that shopper and customize their experience.

Shopper 01

Urban Professional
Shopper 02
College student
White Top

Offer perfect pairings that they can’t resist.

Delight your shoppers with complementary items that enhance their selections while boosting your average order value.


Insights into customer behaviors lead to better business decisions.

Metrics and analytics gathered by Velou’s platform can inform decisions in marketing, ad spend, inventory, merchandising, and supply chain optimization.

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