Data Science is at our core.

At the core of all Velou solutions is technology we’ve built ground-up using our deep expertise in AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

We use data science to analyze product related text and images at a much deeper level than has thus far been possible, allowing us to build a more detailed understanding of products, and, therefore, cutting-edge solutions for ecommerce retailers.

Category Analysis

We start off by identifying just what the product is, this sets the basis of our additional analysis and ensures laser sharp accuracy in our search results.

Text Analysis

We use several processes to deepen our understanding of product related text and then we improve search accuracy by understanding the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of the terms they use.

Image Analysis

We train our AI models to identify 100’s of variations of product features. Whether it be a dress length, a fridge door size or the color of a food product, we can increase search attributes 10 fold, in real time.

Color Analysis

There are more than 70 shades of each primary color, so why restrict your shoppers search to just 1 color option.

At Velou, we analyze product images and find ‘the’ perfect color or combinations of colors to help your shopper find the product they truly desire.


The Human Intelligence Manager allows us to define and support the work of our AI tools. If a product attribute is new to us then the HIM allows for some human help. The Velou platform monitors search accuracy for each product and identifies areas for improvement.

Data and Insights

The Velou Analytics console allows retailers to see realtime performance of their onsite search solution. Major KPI’s are monitored and reported on and any irregularities are highlighted.

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