Getting Started

Welcome to the Velou Developer Portal. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Velou as quickly as possible. Don’t worry if anything is not clear, we are here to help if you get stuck - just reach us at Let's jump right in!

API Documentation

Velou provides a REST API that allows you to index your product catalog and search for your products. You can find all the information you need to integrate Velou in our API Documentation. You can also see the API status of our REST API here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My store is on Shopify/BigCommerce ecommerce platforms. How do I integrate Velou search?
A: Velou as a partner of both platforms, offer pre-built application/plugin, so no work is required from your side. These apps automatically handle the product indexing and replace your existing default search functionality (provided by the platform) with Velou powered fully-fledged search experience. Please contact us to install our Shopify/BigCommerce apps.

Q: My store is a custom-built ecommerce solution. How do I integrate Velou search?
A: Our developer-friendly REST API allows you to seamlessly integrate the Velou search experience in your store. Leverage our REST API endpoints to index your product catalog through your backend services (Indexing API) and perform searches based on shopper's query through your frontend app (Search API). Please contact us to obtain API keys at

Q: How often does Velou index products (i.e., how fast can Velou understand my updated product information)?
A: Our Shopify and BigCommerce apps synchronize product updates automatically in near real-time as you create, update, or delete items in your catalog using functionality provided by the platform. If you're using the custom API integration, you can leverage our product indexing APIs to synchronize product updates in real-time.

Q: How long does the integration process take?
A: Generally, it takes less than a week to integrate Velou search to your store - almost all the work is done by Velou. Once the onboarding process is kicked-off, the Velou team works actively to tune the solution to best suit the needs of your store.

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