Boosting NKF’s Search to Basket Conversions By 21% With Velou’s Onsite Search

August 2, 2020


Nerd Kung Fu (NKF) started in 2010 with a mission to meet the diverse needs within their community of fans. They are rapidly growing as an online destination for millions of customers around the globe who visit the online store to shop for its more than 120,000 hard-to-find products. Adding new products frequently is a main driver of their customer base expansion and adds to the complexity of navigating their online store.

“With our previous search solution, it was really hard for our customers to find what they were looking for and we were losing money.” - David Inman, CEO


NKF identified the need to improve the on-site shopper experience and support the customer journey from search to checkout. With over 120,000 products in NFK’s online store, shoppers faced a major obstacle when navigating the vast inventory to find the specific products that they intended to buy. The sheer volume of themes and genres in the product portfolio meant search terms often overlapped, for instance, between “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” NFK needed a better solution than traditional keyword search in order to handle the complexity of the search task and to help their customers find exactly what they are looking for. They wanted a solution developed specifically for ecommerce.

NKF’s target goals came down to the following:

  • Innovative search solution that automates ranking and ordering of products optimized for conversion.
  • Provide multiple paths that lead shoppers to finding the right product—search queries and site navigation that can flex to accommodate a movie title, genre, or a character’s name, for example. Improve the overall user experience with enriched product tags for their specialty products.  
  • Improve the overall user experience with enriched product tags for their specialty products.  
  • Enhance SEO to reach a larger audience with robust and searchable product metadata.


Implementing Velou’s Onsite Search and Ecommerce Data Enrichment Automated by AI and ML.

Automating search with Velou’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology enabled NKF to experience immediate improvements in customer engagement and overall sales. Product Data Enrichment, with Computer Vision and Hyper-Tagging, greatly boosted the number of product attributes for each product, resulting in fine-grained search accuracy and dynamic site navigation capabilities for NKF shoppers. Additionally, Onsite Search, using Natural Language Processing, increased search usage and led to a rise in average order value and search to basket conversions. The transformation in customer satisfaction resulted in the following main ecommerce KPI’s:

  • 46% increase in Search Usage
  • 21% increase in Search to Basket conversions
  • 15% boost in AOVs through search
  • 23% increase in Revenue

The solution was deployed in three weeks with minimal involvement from the NKF team.

“Velou’s impact has been tremendous. AOV has really increased and sales are up because people are finding more products and loading more into the cart. We’ve seen a lot of growth because of this solution. The Velou team took complete ownership in making success happen. An awesome company and a great solution.”

David Inman, CEO

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