How Transformed their Customer Experience and Increased Search Conversions

January 28, 2021

Technology to Strengthen a Growing Online Business (E5P) started in 2010 with a mission to constantly push boundaries with trend-led clothing for £5. They are a destination for Staged budget clothing, daily new arrivals, and fresh styles, with over 1 million registered users. E5P’s business model relies on providing customers with affordable, trending options on their online store.

Example of incorrect search results for “red floral dresses” using simple keyword comparisons before Velou

Reducing Shopper Frustration and Incomplete Search Results

E5P identified the need to build a best-in-class customer experience that keeps pace with the volume of their new arrivals and supports a smooth customer journey to checkout. E5P adds a large quantity of products daily to their online catalog, without detailed product descriptions. Without those descriptions, products do not have the information needed to show up in search queries. In addition, their onsite search was built only using basic keyword comparisons. Due to this, customers miss out on seeing all available products or see incorrect products. Before Velou, E5P was using SAP Commerce Cloud, but needed a solution developed specifically for fashion. E5P chose Velou as a powerful solution in order to handle a large product catalog and the fast rate of arrivals to help their customers find exactly what they have in mind.

E5P’s target goals came down to the following:

  • Reduce shopper frustration and missed sales by improving discoverability.
  • Improve the user experience through better search functionality that includes autocomplete and spell check.
  • Optimize the product catalog for conversion and better customer experience.

Example of Velou’s Product Data Enrichment

A Focus on Fashion and the Customer Experience  

Velou’s AI models and machine learning technology are built ground up for fashion and enables E5P to achieve more customer engagement and drive overall sales.

Product Data Enrichment enhances the number of attributes for each product, through enriching data with an expanded number of fashion-related search terms. First, Velou’s Image Analysis process uses computer vision technology to identify product attributes from product images. Then, the Text Analysis process identifies attributes from the product descriptions. As a result, the overall number of product attributes in the E5P catalog increased over 85%. This improvement in product attributes enables E5P customers to use a broader range of search terms. By showing customers all products that match their search, E5P was able to increase their sales.  

The enhancement of attributes for each product unlocks possibilities for additional customer experience solutions. E5P used Velou’s Dynamic Faceting feature, which creates contextual and dynamic filtering to respond to their shoppers’ search criteria in real time. Once shoppers enter a query, the filters that are displayed are narrowed down to only what is relevant for that query (see images of Dynamic Faceting). The dynamic filters allow shoppers to quickly navigate to the products that they are looking for.

E5P also used Velou’s Onsite Search with Natural Language Processing for autocomplete, spellcheck, suggestions, synonyms, and hypernyms. Semantic understanding advances onsite search beyond keyword comparisons, making NLP a powerful tool to intuit the human thought process and support shoppers’ intentions. As a result, E5P was able to improve the user experience for their customers.

Examples of Dynamic Faceting for queries: “dresses” versus “purses”

Stronger Customer Engagement Results in Increased Ecommerce KPI’s

The Velou solution strengthened customer engagement for E5P. The Search Bounce Rate was reduced by 33%. As a result, the ecommerce KPI’s that E5P focuses on were significantly improved. The rate of shoppers using search and then completing a transaction increased by 33%. Shoppers added more to their carts, leading to a boost in AOV through search. E5P saw a 31% increase in Search Revenue.

Example of spellcheck in Onsite Search

Example of autocomplete suggestions in Onsite Search

How E5P benefited from Velou:

For next steps, E5P and Velou will continue working together to further develop new product discovery solutions that engage and delight E5P shoppers.

“The biggest advantage of using Velou was their data enrichment solution adding attributes to all of our products. If we had to do it manually, a huge effort would have been required due to the volume of products that we add on a daily basis. As a result, our customers have had an overwhelming response to the improved customer experience with search and facets. Searches became faster, easier and dynamic, resulting in more engagement with 33% lower search bounce rate and 31% higher search revenue. Now, we are collaborating further to develop new ways of discovering fashion for our customers.”

- Sagi Cohen, Product Owner,

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